Raw materials

Some key concepts

Fossil vs renewable
Oil is, for example, a fossil-based material. It requires millions of years to regenerate and is, for this reason, considered a scarce and “finite” resource.
Producing plastic from oil consumes energy and generates CO2 emissions in the atmosphere >Negative impact.
At TibiBio, we use renewable raw materials that are derived from plants, biomass or from other organic sources and are quickly regenerated. We indicate the origin of this renewable raw material, such as bio-based materials. 
As they grow, plants and vegetables absorb CO and process it into nutrients by means of photosynthesis >Positive impact.
But is this truly sustainable?
Generally, material obtained from renewable sources contributes to reducing the environmental impact of products in two ways:
  1. By using renewable sources to produce monomers, we can reduce the use of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases.
  2. Biodegradability offers another way of disposing of products and reduces the volume of the waste.


Bio-based vs biodegradable
We often read and hear these terms associated with the world of sustainable raw materials but they can be quite confusing. 
The term “bio-based” indicates the natural, non-fossil origin it comes from.
The term “biodegradable” indicates the end of its life, i.e. the fact that a material can be degraded by microorganisms (bacteria or fungi) into water, natural gas, such as carbon dioxide and methane, or into biomass.
Accordingly, every biodegradable material is of bio-based origin, but not all bio-based materials are biodegradable.

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