The “end of life” for our products

Sustainable disposal

Unlike fossil-based plastic, which becomes waste that can often only be managed by thermo-valorisation, our products can be sustainably disposed of as follows:

Industrial composting: at the end of its life cycle, our accessories for horticulture can be disposed of in an industrial composting centre. At the end of the composting process, which is regulated by the European standard EN13432, it reverts to humus and fertile compost that can be reused.

Biodegradation in soil: at the end of the season, our hooks, used for manually tying the vines, can be left on the ground, where enzymes, bacteria and fungi attack them and break them down over time without the risk of polluting the precious cultivated ground.

Recycling: Our shelters can be used over many seasons and when you have finished using them, they are completely recyclable. By recycling, the materials used to make them become processable raw materials, which can be fed back into the production system.
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